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As city girls living in Singapore, it’s not often we get to feel the power of mother nature, especially that of the ocean. While Singaporeans flock to the beaches of Phuket and Bali at any given opportunity to work on maintaining their fading tans, many of them don’t dare to venture into the ocean and give surfing a try—this isn’t necessarily because they’re scared, but many simply haven’t thought of giving it a go.

So with a healthy dose of skepticism, we sent out an Instagram story asking if there were any girls interested in going for a rather impromptu surf camp. In less than an hour, we had four girls book their tickets and our first surf camp was underway!

haikini surf camp

Clearly, the Haikini Seasterhood was super enthusiastic, and we couldn’t have been more grateful. We were fortunate to attract girls with similar passions, as well as with the same goal to leave their comfort zones and experience something new. We met at the airport as strangers, but that was soon forgotten as we dove into a new experience together. With everyone being open, eager to make friends, and receptive to new ideas, we knew from the get-go that it’d be a great trip.

haikini surf camp

We chose to hold Haikini’s first surf camp in Canggu, Bali. While not as bustling as Kuta and Seminyak, Canggu’s untouched paddy fields showcase remnants of a sleepy village on the cusp of becoming a bustling vacation spot. Coupled with good vibes, great cafés, and perfect beginner waves, Canggu is the place to how to surf.


With only two full days in Bali, we wanted to make the most of our time. Hence, we got a driver. With there being six of us, it made the most sense as it was safer, more convenient, and definitely more comfortable. While Bali’s traffic leaves much to be desired, Kadek made us forget about how difficult it can be to navigate the island. By hiring Kadek, we also managed to venture out of Canggu for a day trip to Uluwatu’s Padang Padang beach.

haikini surf camp - padang padang

Two days flew by and before we knew it, we were back in Singapore, a little burnt, a lot tanner, and invigorated by the new experiences had during the trip together. While not everyone managed to learn how to surf during this short surf camp, all the girls came back with a better understanding of themselves, as well as of the ocean.

haikini surf camp seasters

So why did we initially decide to hold surf camps? We wanted to use Haikini as a way to introduce the surfing lifestyle to girls in a safe and supportive environment. Everyone learns at their own pace, and we understand that the ocean can be daunting. We don’t expect girls to be pro surfers after one short trip, but we hope that through surf camps, our Seasters will learn about the power of the ocean and fall in love like we did.

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