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As is the case for all children of the sea, sometimes life catches us in its currents, taking us further away from where we want to truly be. Unlike the lucky few who grow up by the ocean, most of us only discover the magical pull of the waves later on in our lives. 

Our first taste of the ocean leaves us yearning for more. Even though it hurts to say "one last wave", in our hearts we know that it's just an obligatory pause.

Once you catch the surf bug, how could you not return? How could you not want to spread the love for the ocean, for the surf? That's why I started Haikini.

Hi, I'm Beckie and I'm the founder and designer of Haikini.

Haikini began in late 2017 as a way to fill the gap in the swimwear market for functional, stylish AND affordable surf swimwear. As the brand grew, so did our mission – we wanted to bring the joy of surfing to more girls in Asia.

The Haikini Bikini 

We see swimwear as a canvas for art and express our creativity through unique prints. With Haikini's swimwear, there are no unnecessary straps, no lace trimmings or excessive cutouts because we believe in the essentials of functional design. 

Our swimwear designs reflect 3 core intentions: functionality, style and affordability

It's comfortable enough to live in and strong enough for the girl who fearlessly chases the waves or dives off cliffs. You focus on having fun, and let us worry about the rest! 

All of these are achieved while being conscious of the people and the environment. Each swimwear set is lovingly hand-made in Bali, and your purchase pays their fair wages, enabling our Haikini mamas to send their children to school, feed their families, and live happily.

Instead of using unnecessary plastic packaging, we use leftover fabric from our production to create Haikini pouches that protect your swimwear. We have written a blog about our production process here.

What is the Haikini Seasterhood?

A brand is nothing without people, and Haikini is nothing without our customers who we endearingly call our "Seasters". We created the Haikini Seasterhood as a way to create personal relationships with our customers, and to bring the brand experience to life.

The Haikini Seasterhood is created for all the girls who had to book their surf trips alone. Not everyone is into surfing, and that's okay. Your friends might not understand why you love it so much, but we do. Say goodbye to having to take surf lessons or surf trips alone – we've got your back!

The best part of the Seasterhood? Anyone can join – you don't have to buy a bikini, you just have to be open to meeting new people. Here at Haikini, we'll welcome you with open arms no matter where you come from.

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Why surfing?

Amidst the mental clutter of life's expectations and work obligations, sometimes we just need to take time to do things for ourselves. For me, surfing fulfils that need. It allows me to ground myself and clear my mind– and it's hella fun too!

Living in a world where we spend most of our time on screens, surfing teaches us how to be more present off-screen. There's no better place to reflect and regroup on ourselves but in the middle of the big blue as we feel the energy of the ocean beneath our bodies. 

Out on the water, we become our purest selves. Our mood's lifted, our days become better. Haikini is a brand that believes in the transformative power of surfing, so we want to help people understand it better.