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About Haikini

Hi, I'm Beckie

I grew up in the city of Singapore, but I have always wondered about the big oceans beyond. When I was 19, I begged my mother to let me learn surfing. Nobody told me to go, because nobody around me had done it before. However, it was like a calling from the ocean that I could not ignore. Every time I paddle out towards the waves, I feel like a child again - a sense of innocent, carefree contentment washes over me. It is the best kind of spiritual therapy.

Since then, I’ve traded my city clothes for bikinis every chance I could get. I have created Haikini for all the daughters of the ocean. The brand is an expression of the free-spirited lady who passionately dreams, and dares to make it into reality. Whether you are trapped in the city’s pace or live in an island daze, the ocean will always be what we need it to be - a mother, a lover, a friend or a goddess that listens, cleanses and leaves us a clean new soul.

Every Haikini swimsuit is lovingly made in Bali, Indonesia. It is designed to prioritise comfort, durability and vibrancy that enables you to go on adventures in style.

Haikini values authenticity, creativity and kindness - not only to each other and ourselves, but also towards the environment. We use eco-friendly packaging to allow you to reuse and recycle the pack pouches that protect your Haikini swimsuits during shipment. Let’s do our best to care for Mother Nature so that we can continue to revel in Her beautiful sun and surf for a little longer. 

I sincerely hope you love your Haikini swimsuits as much as I do. Happy bikini shopping!

Haikini is a Singapore online swimwear brand that focuses on creating beautiful printed surf bikinis. The independent label centers around the surf lifestyle.