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A couple of months after the SEA Games brought surfer Beckie Liu to the Surfing Capital of the North, the Singaporean founder of swimwear brand Haikini came back with an exclusive bikini collection for, and inspired by, the “seasterhood” she found in La Union.

Haikini customers in La UnionMix & Match: Paradise Top, Mona Liza Bottom, & Rock Island Set | Photo by Tarish Zamora

“When anyone asks me about La Union, I always tell them that the people here are the best,” says Beckie Liu, owner and designer of the swimwear brand Haikini. In December 2019, she found her way to LU as a competitor for Singapore during the South East Asian Games. With her characteristic hustle, Beckie -- who built this 3-year-old business when she was just 22 -- had “made a commitment to come and train for the competition one month before it began,” which, to no surprise, didn’t only prepare her for the weeklong festivities and challenges of the regional contest, but gave her the opportunity to become a part of the community.

Haikini founder BeckieBeckie Liu | Photo by Tarish Zamora

Beckie launched the latest collection of Haikini with a posse of wahines that paraded the bikini line around surftown. The bikinis were displayed at the retail store and events space, Open House, and the first 20 customers enjoyed discounts for multiple sets purchased, as well as cocktails that night at neighborhood bar, The Shrine of Satisfaction. “I’ve been extremely blessed to meet so many beautiful souls during my first trip,” she shares. “I’ve never felt out of place here because of how welcoming they were in sharing their space, their food and, of course, the waves here in La Union.”

In 2017, she founded Haikini with the dream to make “bikinis that stay on,” as the tag on her latest collection reads. Driven by fashion and functionality, Beckie focuses on swimwear that is comfortable, affordable, and practical in and out of the water, and for all body types. “Ikigai,” which she calls this collection, takes from its Japanese definition as “a reason for being.” For Beckie, “It is your reason to get up in the morning, to enjoy the meaning of life… It is your THING that makes you think life is beautiful.” She incorporates tie-dye into the prints of this collection to represent the uniqueness of the individuals she made it for, emphasizing that this design technique doesn’t produce any two patterns that are the same. “Just like how nobody can tell you what your Ikigai is,” says Beckie, “It is yours to figure out, and through that process you learn more about yourself, your passions, and your purpose in life.”

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