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Fashion is one of the top pollutants in the world, seeping into our oceans and nature! At Haikini, we are protecting our nature by fully utilising every piece of fabric throughout our production process to encourage circular fashion. In collaboration with Swapaholic, Haikini contributed some of our deadstock to their racks. Our pieces were wiped out in the first hour - great job seasters!

Don't worry if you've missed out, we'll be there at the next Swapaholic event in September (read on till the end to get a special code!).

About Swapaholic

Swapaholic is a social enterprise devoted to slowing down the fashion industry. They conduct fashion swaps that encourage consumers to declutter and refresh their wardrobes without hurting our planet or their wallets. They’ve done over 20 swap parties across Singapore in venues such as 313@somerset, Mandarin Gallery & Marina Barrage!

Every item at Swapaholic is pre-owned, undergoing careful scrutiny and selection. At their recent Swapaholic: Reimagine event, Haikini got our own little booth there ;)

Fashion Pollution

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, after the oil and gas sector. Just in Singapore alone, we produce over 150,000 tonnes of textile waste every year!

Image Credit: Valuewalk

Read more about how the various processes in fashion contribute to pollution here.

Sustainability At Haikini

Here at Haikini, we don’t just love the sea and sand - we love our earth! We deal with scrap fabric in our Haikini’s production house in Bali, which we transform them into the handy pouches that you receive with every purchase.

Statistics say that most of us only use about 30% of what's in our closet - the other 70% just collects dust until they eventually end up in a landfill. We are really glad that our bikinis found a better home after the swap!

Upcoming event

We’re also planning to set up at the upcoming Swapathon happening at Marina Barrage in September (psss we will have a special code for your guys: SWAPHAIKINI for $5 off!). 

Cheers to more conscious brands and eco shopping! Can’t wait for the next swap - see you Seasters there too xx

If you want to catch Haikini at the next Swapathon, here are the details:

When: 7th September 2-8 pm

Where: Marina Barrage

  1. Arrive at the event at 2 pm to earn more points!
  2. Go from booth to booth to complete the super fun SWAPATHON tasks. Examples of these tasks are: attending a book/beauty/plant swap or participating in a up-cycling fabric/jewellery workshop! Successfully completed 'Swapathon' tasks can earn points that can be used while swapping
  3. Browse the Sustainable Village which showcases local, green brands.
  4. Head to the Clothing Swap Party Area at 4.45 pm to start swapping with all the points you’ve accumulated! (Influencer's clothes will feature here!)
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