Hey Seasters!

We’re so excited to see you during our pop-up this Saturday at Hustle Co from 11am to 4pm!

Details here, please RSVP on our Facebook event page!

Today I wanted to speak more about our panel talk that is happening from 2pm to 3pm during the pop-up!

Our aim for this panel is not to tell you guys that you should quit your job or school to chase your dreams. Instead, it is about sharing the trials and tribulations of starting our own ventures.

People can guide you through your journey, but nobody should determine what you should or should not do with your life- it is up to you to design a life that you love!

So for the pop-up, Haikini’s bringing 5 young female entrepreneurs together, and they are:

Mandy from Bow for Bold

Mandy is a current SMU student who took a gap year in between university and junior college to start her own company. Bow for Bold is more than just their famous multi-gym bag. It is about taking a leap of faith, and be bold to chase the unknown.

Their stylish, brilliant, multi-functional sports bag is designed around the lives of athletes, professionals, and travellers. It’s more than just a gym bag, it’s the all-in-one solution for your sports and travel needs. 

Find out more about Mandy here

Yang Er from 21moonstone and yangermeister

Yang Er is a multi-disciplinary artist who shoots, directs (music videos for The Sam Willows), creates art... I honestly don’t know what this girl DOESN’T do.

Yang graduated from NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information and was a freelance makeup artist before giving that up to pursue her (many) passions, as well as running the creative co-working & playing space 21 Moonstone.

Find out more about yang here

Isabel from An Acai Affair

 In her second year at SMU, Isabel (pictured left) co-founded An Acai Affair with Anna (pictured right) because the duo wanted to increase accessibility and affordability of Acai in Singapore. In less than 2 years, their business did so well that they decided to open up 2 more outlets!

For those who are interested in F&B ventures, do speak to Isabel because I’m sure she has lots to share.

Jia Min from That Vegan Cake & Inthebrickyard

Jiamin’s the co-founder of 2 bakeries - That Vegan Cake & Inthebrickyard and has been in the bakery industry for 4 years!

Inthebrickyard is an advocate for the use of local (Singaporean) flavours and ingredients in cakes, sharing the love of these flavours so that they will always be a part of our culture.

That Vegan Cake is an advocate for eating well, not less, but better. They believe in eating like you love yourself, love the earthlings around you, and love our planet home, and we believe the best way to eat with love is to do it Vegan.

... and myself!

If you are reading this, you probably know what Haikini’s about! I’m a Communications and New Media graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS). While I was in my 3rd year of uni, I started Haikini to fill a gap in the market for gorgeous, affordable AND functional bikinis that holds up while surfing!

I also want to use Haikini as a platform to introduce surfing to more people (both girls and guys), and forming a tight-knitted community in the process of our growth.

Please RSVP here as we are only accepting 20 participants for this panel. 

Sea you girls & guys there!

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