Haikini founder: Big part of business is being vulnerable

Inspired by her love for surfing, Miss Liu, 23, created a line of bikinis that is both attractive and will stay on when the wearer is frolicking in the sea. However, this active-wear mission met with disapproval from her grandmother... (read more)


She’s created a bikini brand for surfers, and she just raised seed funding

With just US$1,500 in her pocket in 2017, then 22-year-old Beckie Liu flew to the Indonesian island of Bali to chase her dream of starting a bikini brand... (read more)


This NUS Undergrad Designs Her Own Surf Bikinis To Suit Both Your Body And Budget

There’s something about surfing that never fails to baffle me.

Of course, just the notion of riding tumultuous waves is already a wonder in itself, but what’s even harder to believe is how the bikinis that female surfers wear stay up amidst all the twists, turns, and crashing waves... (read more) 


Singaporean Surfer Girl Beckie Wants You To Join The Haikini Seasterhood

No, it’s not some kind of sorority. But if it was one, I’d definitely join. Meet Beckie, the founder of local bikini brand Haikini (海 – the Chinese character for ‘sea’).

With Bikini Top and Bottom sets going for just S$62 – S$68 per set, Haikini is the first local brand to offer comfortable and sustainably-made surf bikinis at affordable prices... (read more)