Haikini's created out of our love for surfing, so of course we brought our Singaporean Seasters out to Bali to surf! Here's a sneak peek into what it is like to be part of our growing female surf community:

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"My last surfing experience before the camp had been really informal and brief, and had happened about 3 years ago. So I was a bit nervous on the first day of camp. But because each of us were assigned a dedicated surf instructor, any worries I felt washed away along with the waves! Beckie and our instructors were super welcoming and patient, and they always kept their eyes on us out at sea. By the end of Haikini’s surf camp, I made so many happy memories, learnt plenty of new skills, and made new friends. (:"

- Victoria Sek

"One of my best trips to Canggu Bali ever! For a while, my surfing has been stuck at this level where I could paddle and stand but know nothing much of anything else. I didn't know how to progress, or where to go. But this trip has given me so much– not only have I advanced to a hard board, I'm now more aware of the waves, and have learnt to predict when and where it will peak, how to avoid being caught in impact zones, and developing good practices to keep myself alive and prevent freak accidents.

But my biggest takeaway from this is definitely finding a community of girls whom are equally passionate about surfing as much as I do! Its so good to know that I'm no longer pursuing surfing alone. Thank you for the good vibes, everyone has been so kind, and generous and hilariously funny. Thank you thank you thank you."

- Lara

If you are interested to join our 2019 surf camps, please email us at hai@haikini.co or DM us on Instagram (@haikini.co)

Sea you soon Seaster!