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If you were to ask me what else can Haikini bring to the table other than bikinis, my answer would be to bring girls together in a city that's completely sheltered from waves.

Since we started surfing, spiritual therapy is not the only gratifying element that is experienced. What's truly soul-fulfilling, maybe even life-changing, is being able to share waves with your friends.

Welcome to the Haikini Seasterhood.

Friendships forged through surfing is that much stronger because we all bond through our mutual cravings for the next ocean adventure. Once our surf-stars align, it is time to pack our bikinis and take a weekend surf trip to Bali!

Haikini Seasters take Canggu, Bali
A day in the life of a typical Haikini surf trip



Within 30 minutes the girls are surf-ready because it's the only compelling-enough reason to get out of bed that early. We'd grab our bikes and scoot to our favourite breakfast place, Monsieur Spoon. It's been 3 days in a row that we've gone here, the other go-to choice of breakfast is Jaffles and iced Bali coffee at Dian Cafe by the beach. What is Jaffles you ask? Only the most amazing crunchy crust mix of sandwich and waffle you'll ever have, filled with ham, egg, onion and cheese- YUM. 

Time to jump into the water! Depending on the Batu Bolong tide, it's usually a mini battle to enter the water because of the shore break. The adrenaline pump is real as we patiently stand by the sea and wait for the sets to pass. As soon as there's a window of opportunity, the girls run past the shorebreak with their longboards, then lay on their boards and paddle as hard as they can. Hearts racing, we look around to check if everyone has entered safely. A few thumbs ups and sighs of relief, we'd then paddle to the break with a big smile on our faces- the 2 hour surf session begins!

Everyone's happy & exhausted (I believe it's mostly happy). While we haven't quite found the word to describe this feeling, we instinctively know that it's best spent sitting in the beach warung, sipping on our favourite drinks, like Joan and her coconuts (I don't mean the ones attached to her body).

Nothing much happens from 3pm to 4.30pm. Other than afternoon naps, there's really nothing we wanna do in this food coma induced state.


When the girls are feeling extra thirsty, sunset surfs are in order! If you're wondering when all the surfing pictures and videos are taken, it's always during the sunset session because the waves are much more friendlier that losing our $300 GoPro to the ocean is more of a choice than anything else. You know the saying that every good selfie comes with 50 shitty ones? Well, every good surf video comes with 10 ugly faces, double chins and shot-ruining water droplets- but it's worth it!

When we're not watching the sun slowly inching below the horizon as the waves roll in, we're... taking pictures because #goldenhour #datglow 

Everything from 7.30pm onwards are impromptu decisions- where to eat, if we're going to party, and if so where to party etc etc etc. Most nights are spent listening to dream pop by the villa pool. What comes out of it aren't just great conversations but a closer bond between all my seasters. On these surf trips, few nights last past midnight because we'd much rather sleep and wake up early to surf, but we do reserve nights dedicated to Canggu's party scene!

So there you have it!
Haikini surf trips's surf-eat-sleep-repeat and everything in between.  

We're more than just a group of girls who love surfing. Sharing this passion has created a sacred bond that few can understand. Creating Haikini is then a project dedicated to the search for more sea-sters in a wave-barren place. 


Join the Seasterhood!

Want to learn how to surf with the Seasterhood? Read more about our first beginner surf camp here and email to find out more!

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