#SeasterStories is a series of blog posts that seek to inspire our readers by giving you insights into our Seasters who are "living their best surf life." We often get messages about how it is like to step out of the conventional path that society has paved for us. These stories are a reminder (to everyone, even ourselves) that we can always change our narrative and carve out a life that is endlessly fulfilling.  

Tarish Zamora (right)

Last year (2019), Tarish Zamora, a professional photographer (and our Seaster) from the Philippines, moved from the City of Manila to La Union to pursue her passion in surf photography and surfing.

haikini rock island bikini set in la union
Camille Pilar (@camillepilar) by Tarish Zamora, wearing Rock Island Bikini Set

"I went where the waves were working - I was literally chasing waves all year round." says Tarish. Born and raised in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, the 27-year-old focused on her new goals of practising surfing and pursuing her photography.

After catching the surf bug, Tarish started visiting different surf spots in the Philippines, but found herself coming back to La Union all the time- the spot where she first learned how to catch her own waves without a guide. 

haikini cloud 9 bikini top and high waist bottom in la unionTarish wears Cloud 9 Bikini Top and Cloud 9 High Waist Bottoms

In La Union, where Haikini launched the Ikigai collection, Tarish found her surf tribe. "I had a favourite spot - It felt comfortable going out to the water because I already knew the locals, I also met a lot of new friends in the water." says Tarish.

"I was there (in La Union) almost every weekend." shares Tarish. To try to get as much water time as possible, she rearranged her work schedule (in Manila) so that she was able to spend more time surfing and spending time with her surf community in La Union. It started from three days a week, then eventually she found herself finally moving to La Union with four other friends. 

haikini in la union wearing rock island bikini set

Inspired by all the people she met in La Union who chose to live a much simpler life, near the ocean and nature, Tarish chose that for herself as well. 

"I couldn’t stand the city anymore… I noticed that I get irritated or depressed fast when I stayed in Manila."

While it is a huge risk and a big adjustment from city life in Manila, Tarish realised that it was the best choice for her, even if her work as a photographer were affected. 

Mara Andres (@marndres) wears the Paradise Bikini Set

"I currently live away from my family, and seeing their never-ending support with all my decisions since day one, inspired me to keep working hard to make them proud." Tarish shares. 

On her distinctive photography style, described being blue-toned, less-saturated, dark and contrasted, Tarish alludes to a project she did 4 years ago where she had to ask questions about life and take portraits of different people in various parts of Manila. 

"I took 24 portraits, which helped me notice and see the similarities I captured in each photo. (Through that) I discovered that the locations I mostly chose, fit the edit of how I edit my photos today."

Tarish's photography started gaining more attention as the locals she took photos of in La Union started promoting her work. The dream finally began to turn into reality when the surf town's business owners hired Tarish for photoshoots, generating a steady income that enabled her to stay in La Union without going back to the city for jobs.

"I found friends who I instantly clicked with and started considering (them my) family. And from there it all just fell into place."

"I fell in love with the culture, the people and mostly, the simple life."

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