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Two weeks ago I grabbed 3 of my girlfriends- Charlene, Kalina and Sierra, for a major bikini-mission with the help of Wanjie (Photographer), Seemin (Henna Artist) & Terence (Creative Direction).

I was motivated by Wes Anderson's style of cinematography and wanted to do something unique and meaningful, letting go of my own persistence in surf-branding Haikini. 

With lots of teamwork, laughter, sweat, (no tears) and sunburn, Haikini presents:

haikini x henn drawn x uuanjie

How can a bikini shoot be meaningful?

Prior to Haikini's establishment, I've had many conversations about the profitability of a swimwear brand in Singapore. Some of the concerns people had were:

  • We don't really have a beach culture in SG, the market's not so big as compared to (other fashion categories)
  • Got so many swimwear brands already, you can meh?

But what troubled me most was hearing:

"Girls aren't confident enough because they think they gotta look a certain way,
if not (guys) will judge them for showing their bodies."

That's not okay. However, I don't blame these girls for thinking this way. For the longest time, we've been continuously fed with unrealistic body ideals that heavily influence our self-perception.

Someone I know even insisted,

"You gotta show (your assets), like that then more people will notice (the brand)." 

Yes, sex sells.
Majority of swimwear and lingerie brands believe that the best way to sell is one that objectifies the female body. After all, that is proven to be the fastest way to achieve virality, and virality is the yardstick of present-day success for many.

Nevertheless, with campaigns like #AerieREAL opening the floor for discussions about alternative perspectives in the swimwear and lingerie industry, we're slowly moving away from the overemphasis of "body goals" and into space where art and meaning triumph.

haikini x henn drawn x uuanjie

Passionate, free, we're the daughters of the ocean.


haikini seaster collection

Bikini Art, Body Art

Both Haikini and Henn Drawn seek to create pieces of art, for the canvases our bodies are. Just like how not all tattoos should be associated with rebellion, bikinis are not necessarily about showing something off.

haikini debut seaster collection

For us, it is a way of life as we create a community of Seasters who love (ocean) adventures

haikini x henn drawn x uuanjieFull lookbook will be out soon. Till then, check out Henn Drawn's beautiful artwork on their Instagram Page and our behind-the-scenes shoot on our Facebook page.

henn drawn x haikini

Some Henn Drawn FAQs, read more here

Q: What is white henna?
A: Henna is again, never white. The white henna that we use is adhesive body paint that sticks onto the surface of your skin, rather than staining it like normal henna and jagua do. That means the whiteness of the henna can be stained easily by agents such as sweat during the duration it is on your skin. As it sits on your skin, it is also possible to scrub/remove it anytime you wish to.

Q: How do I book an appointment?
A: You can book private appointments via or the "Book Here" button on this FB Page. All relevant information on how to book, how long to book, the kind of designs you can do etc can be found in the link. If you see no slots available for booking, it is because slots for the current month are all taken. Kindly wait for me to continually update slots!

Q: How much does Henn Drawn charge?
A: Prices vary per design, but on AVERAGE from and not limiting to $5-$30 (for brown and instant black henna) and $20-60 (for jagua and white henna) depending on different sizes, placement and intricacy of designs. Facebook DM/Insta message/email us for price enquiries.


Shop Haikini's new collection, 1800-Vitamin-Sea, here!

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